Murder, lust and overarching love shape and define Lawyers, Lies & Lipstick, a psychological thriller.

When attorney Jack Martin met Victoria Anjou it was love at first sight. Her golden hair, lithe figure and confident demeanor beguiled Jack. But she was a woman with a past, and wanted more than Jack could give without surrendering his soul. Victoria challenged him to prove his love by breaking the oldest injunction- "Thou shall not kill!"



Conniving and cunning Victoria Anjou blames attorney Jack Martin, the man she once loved, for the conviction of her son Grant on charges of murdering his father. Haunted by Grant's sentence of life without parole, Victoria is unable to "breathe" until she exacts revenge upon Jack, who has no clue of the danger he's in, while he tries to start a new life far-far away from his former world of lawyers, lies and lipstick.



From the Bahamas to the Eternal City, murder, love, and hate provide the drumbeat of suspense in Breathe!, the sequel to Lawyers, Lies & Lipstick.

Charles Emma

 "Chuck Emma does it again with
Breathe!, a sexy sequel to his first suspense novel, Lawyers, Lies & Lipstick. His latest novel is a fast- paced thriller that ties up some lethal loose ends as it  unravels even more of attorney Jack Martin's dark side." Book Broker Publishers of Florida
In 2009, Charles Emma relocated to Florida's southwest coast where a combination of warm sun and tropical breezes proved to be the catalyst for him to write Lawyers, Lies & Lipstick and Breathe!. When not writing, he can be found toiling in the mundane world of law where his practice area is civil litigation.



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